Wednesday, March 7, 2012

So What Happened to The Joy of Cheese?

The short answer is nothing. The just slightly longer answer is Con Edison. The long answer is probably more informative. Late last year, I took a job with a soon-to-open upscale retail market and cafe on the Upper West Side. By the time the holidays rolled around, construction was nearly done and as long as we could cut through the bureaucratic red tape, we would open soon. I decided not to schedule any Joy of Cheese events until the new joint was open for fear of unnecessary schedule conflicts (say having an event on the evening that just happens to be friends and family night).
Now, do you see where the slightly longer answer enters the picture? The red tape portion of getting the place open has taken far longer than anyone except the utility might have imagined. I thought I was the pessimist by planning for a January 25 opening date.
Anyway, the place will open soon (seriously, it will!) and The Joy of Cheese will resume regularly scheduled events in late April or early May. See you then!

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