Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The July events part one

Lots of events in lots of places!

July 7 at 7 at 10 Degrees, 121 St. Mark's Place, (bet 1st Ave and Avenue A)
The Joy of Cheese Presents Good Cheese for Hard Times vol. 2. Great cheese need not cost a great amount of money. We will present the second in our three part series of cheeses that cost $25 per pound or less with a focus on the soft cheeses in that price range. Tickets are $25 and you pay for your beverages as you go. Tickets are available at Brown Paper Tickets,

July 16 at 7 at Stella, 213 Front St. (bet Peck Slip and Beekman)
The Joy of Cheese Presents The Stella Seven: Francophile's Delight. It's durn near impossible to think about Cheese without France coming to mind. Francophile's Delight will offer nine affineur aged French Cheeses and four wines to match. I'll discuss the cheeses in terms of their geography, production style and flavor. Peter Jamros will reveal the deep dark secrets of the wine. Everyone will leave with smiles on their faces and Paris on their minds. Tickets are $40 and available via Brown Paper Tickets,

July 21 at 7 at d.b.a. Brooklyn, 113 N. 7th St. (bet Berry and Wythe)
The Joy of Cheese Presents The JoC dba six pack. In the second of our series on cheeses and beers we will focus on the glories of French Farmhouse Ales. These lovely dense and refreshing beverages pair beautifully with cheese and to prove we will focus on six of each. In addition, weather permitting, the tasting will take place in the outdoor patio area of the bar.
Tickets are a mere $20 and available from Brown Paper Tickets,

For more info, find me at thejoyofcheese AT gmail.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Have a beer, and upcoming tastings

It's only recently come to light, but beer and cheese are more compatible together than wine and cheese. The reasons for this are complex and have to do with the hops and sweetness of beer balancing out the complexities of cheese. Still not convinced? Come to The Joy of Cheese/d.b.a Six Pack, a new series at d.b.a Brooklyn, 113 North 7th St. in Williamsburg (a block and half west of the first L stop into Brooklyn, Bedford Avenue). This summer we will offer hour long tastings that feature six cheeses and three beers. There will be program notes, dark chocolate, fruit, and plenty of discussion about both cheese, beer and their pairings. Admission is $20 and space is limited so act now!
Tickets are available at Brown Paper Tickets.

Sneak preview of July
July 7 at 10 Degrees: Good Cheese for Hard Times vol. 2

July 15 at Nectar Wine Bar: The 8 Best Vermont Cheeses in NYC
July 16 at Stella: The Stella Seven presents Francophiles Delight
July 21 at dba Brooklyn: Cheeses and I.P.A.'s