Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Joy of Cheese Presents The Local

The Joy of Cheese Presents The Local

The epicenters of great American cheesemaking are Vermont, northern California, the Pacific Northwest, and Wisconsin. But this region is no slouch either and we’re going to prove it.

There are great washed rind cheeses being made in Connecticut, outstanding sheep cheese is made both in Hudson Valley and in Southern New Jersey and there is even great hand crafted cheese made in five boroughs. Those cheeses comprise the focus of our next tasting, The Local. We’ll introduce and discuss 12-14 cheeses made in either New York Connecticut or New Jersey.

There will be dark chocolate, fruit and two mystery cheeses. I am happy to answer questions about these cheeses and about cheese in general.

The tastings are Tuesdays March 25th and April 1st as well as Thursday March 27th

As always the tastings run from just after 7 until around 8:30 at 10 Degrees, the wonderful wine and high end spirits bar at 121 St. Marks Place in the East Village. Admission to the tasting is $30 and you pay for your drinks as you go (but it’s 2-4-1 Happy Hour till 8).

Reservations are a must. Contact me at thejoyofcheese@yahoo.com

The Joy of Cheese blog is up at http://thejoyofcheese.blogspot.com

Next tastings: April 22, 24 and 29: Taking Sides: Goat versus Sheep, a series of side-by-side contrasts of goat and sheep cheeses from similar regions.