Monday, August 23, 2010

Sheepy!! The Joy of Cheese September Events

Sheepy!! The Joy of Cheese September Events

Our September tastings will focus primarily on the wonders of sheep's milk cheeses. They are versatile, appealing and vastly underrated and we'll explore them in a variety of settings. Folded into this mix are a couple of events that will focus on Spanish and Portuguese cheeses (many of which are made of sheep's milk).

September 14 at 7:30 at d.b.a Brooklyn, 113 N. 7th St. (between Berry & Wythe): Pecorinos, Pyrenees, and Pilsners.
Yes, mind your P's. This tasting will focus on a delightful series of sheep cheeses made or inspired by the Basque and Tuscan traditions, and they will be paired with cool, crisp Pilsners. I'll present seven extraordinary cheeses, and Ray Deter, owner of d.b.a will present seven Pilsners that we have chosen to match them. It will be a fun way to learn about both. The event will last till around 8:45. Tickets are $25 and available via Brown Paper Tickets,

September 15 at 7:30 at Culturefix, 9 Clinton St. (at Houston): Red, White & Beer.
Firm sheep's milk cheeses are remarkably versatile when it comes to pairing with beverages and we will put seven of them to the test at this Joy of Cheese Workshop event. Each attendee will receive sample sizes of a red wine, a white wine and a beer, then they will be encourage to test each out with six fantastic sheep cheeses and see which ones pair best (the seventh cheese is a mystery cheese and separate from the pairing endeavor). Tickets for this event are $30, which includes the samplings of beverages, and available via Brown Paper Tickets,

September 21 at 7:30 at The Clerkenwell, 49 Clinton St. (between Stanton and Rivington): Spain v. Portugal
Two great cheese making nations, nine amazing cheeses. At this event we will offer four cheeses from each country in side by side comparisons and see who comes out on top (the ninth cheese is that pesky mystery cheese). Vegas oddsmakers say the attendees are favored to win. Tickets are $25 attendees pay for their beverages separately. Tickets are available at BPT,

Then we are holding two events in conjunction with New York City Craft Beer Week.

September 28 at 7:30 at d.b.a Brooklyn, 113 N. 7th St. (between Berry & Wythe) Pretty Things v. Funky Cheese.
Okay not all of these cheeses will be of sheep's milk nor will they be necessarily Spanish or Portuguese, but they will be delicious and funky and they should pair nicely with the beers of the Pretty Things Brewery in Cambridge Massachusetts. I'll present seven cheeses and Ray Deter will present seven PT beers chosen to match them. Tickets are $30 and available at BPT,

September 30 at 7:30 at Stella Manhattan Bistro, 213 Front St. (between Peck Slip and Beekman): Belgian Beers and Iberian Cheeses.
It's a natural! The crisp sweetness of many Belgian beers make them an ideal match for the salty, vegetal flavor profiles of Spanish and Portuguese cheeses. At this event, I'll present eight cheeses and Dave Herman (Porchetta, Spuyten Duyvil and a general all around beer authority) will present eight Belgian or Belgian inspired beers to match. Tickets are $30 and available at BPT,

In October our theme will be BOLD.

Questions? I'm at thejoyofcheese AT gmail.