Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Joy of Cheese August Events: Soften

Soften: The Joy of Cheese August Events

Most of the time we get a summer punctuated by heat waves; this year it seems like we have a heat wave occasionally punctuated by summer.
There is only one thing to do: soften. Getting all uptight isn't going to beat the heat. The only solution is to relax and acclimate to it. Our immodest suggestion is to eat soft cheeses. They are more luxurious, refreshing and in many ways, they are adult ice cream. This month, The Joy of Cheese offers four chances to soften with cheese.

August 3 at 7:30 NOTE NEW START TIME at d.b.a Bklyn, 113 N. 7th St. Softies & Saisons
We will launch our monthlong celebration of softer cheeses by pairing seven of them with saisons, farmhouse ales that are light, refreshing and occasionally fruity in the finish. I'll discuss the cheeses and Ray Deter will select seven saisons to pair with the fromage and discuss them. The event will run about 75 minutes and tickets are $25 and available via Brown Paper Tickets,
You can also pay cash at the door, but please let me know to expect you.

August 10 at 7:30 at Stella Manhattan Bistro, 213 Front St. (South St. Seaport) Buttery cheese n' Belgian beers
Buttery cheeses, Belgian beers (for the msot part). Need we say more? I'll select and discuss nine cheeses, and Maggie Consor Fuller will detail the joys of five brews she's selected from the Stella menu. The event will run about 75 minutes. Tickets are $25 and available via Brown Paper Tickets
Again, you can pay cash at the door, please let me know to expect you.

August 12 at 7:30 at Culturefix, 9 Clinton St. Joy of Cheese Workshop, A Brand New Series Debuts. with Soft Comparisons
Please join us at 7:30 at a lovely new cafe, Culturefix, Clinton near the corner of Houston, for a new series, Joy of Cheese will debut a new event, Workshop. At Workshop (yes, capital W) events we will take more of a seminar approach and discuss several issues within the cheese world. At this first one we will deal with shopping for cheese, exploring the contrasts between 12 cheeses some from highbrow boutiques, some from middlebrow retailers and some from lowbrow outlets. Class size is limited, so reserve early! (You can always cancel a BPT purchase if something comes up). Tickets are $25 and available at Brown Paper Tickets,
Cash at the door is fine too; just let me know to expect you.

August 17 at 7:30 at The Clerkenwell, 49 Clinton St. Luscious.
Nine melty, oozy, totally sumptuous cheeses will be the focus of this tasting. Nuff said, right? Tickets are $25 and attendees pay for their beverages separately. This event usually last just over an hour. Tickets are available via Brown Paper Tickets,
Cash at teh door works too; just let me know that you plan to attend.

Questions or for more information about these events or perhaps hosting one at your home or office and even having private event at a public venue (an alumni association gathering or some such), contract me at thejoyofcheese aT gMail dotcom.