Thursday, October 14, 2010

October and Sneak Preview of November

Two More October Events and a Sneak Preview of November

There are two more exciting Joy of Cheese events in October
October 20th at7 at the 92nd St. Y, (92nd and Lexington): Better Than Wine
Maggie Fuller and I will present a survey of eight exceptional beers all from the 12% roster of stellar, small produer Belgian brews with eight extraordinary cheeses chosen to match them. Tickets are $40 and available via the 92Y website,

Then, the very next day...

October 21 at 7:30 at Culturefix, 9 Clinton St. (at Houston): Old World v. Our World.
Let's get beyond this side of the ocean or that (that’s so 2002). West coast wines have fared just fine in competition against their old world counterparts. American cheeses are routinely included in the mix of great cheeses of the world even in Europe. Let's get more specific: how do the cheeses made close to home compare with their European antecedents? Please join us October 21 at at 7:30 at Culturefix for a comparative tasting of five locally made cheeses versus five of the European cheeses that they are based on. Call it a World Series of cheese. Tickets are $25 and you pay for your drinks separately.

Our theme in November is NUTTY. It is tentatively shaping up like this.
November 9 Not The Usual Swisspects at Clerkenwell
November 11: The Red Menace: Alpine cheeses and red wines to match them at Stella Manhattan Bistro
November 16: The Dark Side: Porters, Stouts and darker beers with hand crafted cheeses of Switzerland to match at dba Bklyn
Novmeber 17: Red White and Beer vol. 2: The American Alpines at Culturefix

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